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Weekly Injury Report

Likelihood of Playing
QB Scale: 0-100%
12/27/20 Week 16 Jared Goff Thumb Los Angeles Rams QB Dislocated thumb, ligament damage. Surgery. WC?
12/13/20 Week 14 Alex Smith Leg Washington Football Team QB Issue with decreased muscle of calf. Won't be 100% until offseason
11/15/20 Week 10 Drew Brees Ribs New Orleans Saints QB Ribs almost healed.
11/22/20 Week 11 Phillip Rivers Toe Indianapolis Colts QB Needs offseason toe surgery for turf toe
12/27/20 Week 16 Alvin Kamara COVID New Orleans Saints RB Should get cleared by WC game.
12/27/20 Week 16 Latavius Murray COVID New Orleans Saints RB
12/27/20 Week 16 Gus Edwards Back Baltimore Ravens RB
12/13/20 Week 14 Mark Ingram Illness Baltimore Ravens RB
10/25/20 Week 7 Chris Carson Foot Seattle Seahawks RB Won't be 100% until the offseason.
12/27/20 Week 16 Carlos Hyde Illness Seattle Seahawks RB
12/17/20 Week 15 DeeJay Dallas Ankle Seattle Seahawks RB Grade 3 sprain.
12/20/20 Week 15 Cam Akers Ankle Los Angeles Rams RB High-ankle sprain.
12/27/20 Week 16 Malcolm Brown Shoulder Los Angeles Rams RB
12/27/20 Week 16 Darrell Henderson Jr. Ankle Los Angeles Rams RB High-Ankle sprain. Out 3-5 weeks. Placed on IR. Season-ending IR
12/20/20 Week 15 Aaron Jones Toe, Hip Green Bay Packers RB Hip pointer. No concerns.
12/7/20 Week 13 Antonio Gibson Toe Washington Football Team RB Better with each week.
12/20/20 Week 15 Clyde Edwards-Helaire Ankle/Hip Kansas City Chiefs RB High-ankle sprain + Hip strain. Return in playoffs?
12/13/20 Week 14 Ronald Jones Finger Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Fracture pinky finger/surgery. Looked good, no concerns.
1/3/21 Week 17 Mike Evans Knee Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Knee sprain, mild or moderate. ACL torn?
12/13/20 Week 14 Michael Thomas Ankle New Orleans Saints WR Eligible to return in WC?
12/20/20 Week 15 Tre'Quan Smith Ankle New Orleans Saints WR Eligible to return in WC?
12/19/20 Week 15 Stefon Diggs Foot Buffalo Bills WR No concerned.
11/8/20 Week 10 John Brown Ankle Buffalo Bills WR High-ankle sprain. Returned in W17, should get bettter.
12/28/20 Week 16 Cole Beasley Knee Buffalo Bills WR Knee injury. WC round?
12/20/20 Week 15 Terry McLaurin Ankle Washington Football Team WR High-Ankle Sprain. Better in WC round.
12/27/20 Week 16 Cooper Kupp COVID Los Angeles Rams WR Eligible to return in WC?
12/6/20 Week 13 Tyreek Hill Hamstring Kansas City Chiefs WR Another week to rest.
12/27/20 Week 16 Sammy Watkins Calf Kansas City Chiefs WR Another week to rest.
12/27/20 Week 16 Diontae Johnson Ankle Pittsburgh Steelers WR Not concerned.
12/21/20 Week 15 Marquise Brown Knee Baltimore Ravens WR Not concerned.
12/20/20 Week 15 Allen Robinson Hamstring Chicago Bears WR Not concerned.
12/27/20 Week 16 Harrison Bryant COVID Cleveland Browns TE Clear protocol?
12/27/20 Week 16 Eric Ebron COVID Pittsburgh Steelers TE Clear protocol?
12/21/20 Week 15 Jace Sternberger Concussion Green Bay Packers TE Clear protocol?

Master List

Week Back from Injury
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8/12/2020 Preseason Week 1 Denzel Mims Hamstring New York Jets WR Out Week 1. Temporary IR Missed W1.
8/17/2020 Preseason Week 1 Nick Chubb Concussion Cleveland Browns RB Returned to practice on 8/22/20 Preseason Week 3
8/17/2020 Preseason Week 1 A.J. Green Hamstring Cincinnati Bengals WR Will play in Week 1, increased risk for reinjury. Preseason Week 3 Returned to practice on 8/26/20
8/19/2020 Preseason Week 1 Nick Vannett Concussion Denver Broncos TE
8/19/2020 Preseason Week 1 Jack Doyle Neck injury Indianapolis Colts TE Week to Week.
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Josh Oliver Broken Foot Jacksonville Jaguars TE Placed on IR, eligible to return 9/6/20
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Robert Foster Concussion Buffalo Bills WR
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Tyreek Hill Hamstring Strain, Right Kansas City Chiefs WR Mild, grade 1. Individual drills 8/24 Mild risk for reinjury in Week 1
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 K.J. Hamler Hamstring Strain Denver Broncos WR Grade 2, out 4-6 weeks. Worked with trainers 8/29. Missed W1.
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Jalen Hurd Torn ACL San Francisco 49ers WR Out for season. Surgery. Out for Season
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Sammy Watkins Groin Kansas City Chiefs WR Mild, RTP 1-2 weeks
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Deebo Samuel Jones Fracture, foot San Francisco 49ers WR Placed on IR. Had a setback, can he return in W4?
8/20/2020 Preseason Week 1 Jarrett Stidham Hip injury New England Patriots QB Missed W1. QB3?
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Dallas Goedert Thumb Fracture Philadelphia Eagles TE Hairline. May try to play with splint. RTP 1-3 weeks. Good for Week 1.
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 D'Andre Swift Hip injury Detroit Lions RB Pointer? Likely to play in W1, committee. Leg then Hip injury.
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Curtis Samuel Hamstring Carolina Panthers WR Sounds mild
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Miles Sanders Hamstring Philadelphia Eagles RB Likely to play in W2, won't be 100% until W3-4.
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Diontae Johnson Calf Pittsburgh Steelers WR Doing much better. Should be good for Week 1. Increased risk for reinjury in early season.
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Melvin Gordon Rib Injury Denver Broncos RB Unknown if fracture, bruise, cartilage damage. Splitting 50/50 with Lindsay.
8/21/2020 Preseason Week 1 Lamar Jackson Groin injury Baltimore Ravens QB Day to Day. Reinjure easily.
8/22/2020 Preseason Week 1 Allen Robinson Ankle injury? Chicago Bears WR Sounds mild. Awaiting details
8/23/2020 Preseason Week 1 Darrell Henderson Hamstring Los Angeles Rams RB Only a couple snaps in W1. Brown > Akers > Henderson.
8/23/2020 Preseason Week 1 Brandon Aiyuk Hamstring San Francisco 49ers WR Out in W1. Missed W1.
8/23/2020 Preseason Week 1 Mike Williams AC Sprain Los Angeles Chargers WR Grade II-III (Grade 4+ undergo surgery). RTP 4-6w. Impressed in W1.
8/23/2020 Preseason Week 1 Dede Westbrook Shoulder injury Jacksonville Jaguars WR Unknown details. Missed W1.
8/23/2020 Preseason Week 1 David Njoku Wrist injury Cleveland Browns TE Unknown details. Returned to practice on 8/27
8/24/2020 Preseason Week 2 Kenyan Drake Foot Injury Arizona Cardinals RB Not listed on W1 injury report. Mild sprain? Will be good for Week 1. Increased injury risk
8/24/2020 Preseason Week 2 Tyrell Williams Shoulder injury Las Vegas Raiders WR Torn labrum, will attempt rehab. Out for Season Out for the season 9/1/2020
8/24/2020 Preseason Week 2 Tyler Lockett Leg, right Seattle Seahawks WR Awaiting details
8/24/2020 Preseason Week 2 Tee Higgins Hamstring Cincinnati Bengals WR Practiced 8/24, missed previous 2 days Tweeted me & said he was just stretching
8/24/2020 Preseason Week 2 Saquon Barkley Ankle injury? New York Giants RB Limped off field, returned later, will monitor
8/25/2020 Preseason Week 2 Breshad Perriman Knee New York Jets WR Swollen knee, FP 9/9. Unknown injury. GTD for Week 1. High reinjury risk.
8/26/2020 Preseason Week 2 Keke Coutee Stress Fracture, Foot Houston Texans WR Stress fracture in foot, should be shut down.
8/26/2020 Preseason Week 2 Chris Godwin Unknown Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Missed 3 of last 6 practices. Arians being hush. No injury reported. Good for Week 1?
8/26/2020 Preseason Week 2 David Montgomery Left Groin strain Chicago Bears RB Sounds like he will play in W1. Moderate risk reinjury. Mediocre in W1.
8/26/2020 Preseason Week 2 DeAndre Hopkins Hamstring Arizona Cardinals WR Unknown seveirty. Smart player, being careful. Unlikely to miss time. Low concern level.
8/26/2020 Preseason Week 2 Parris Campbell Concussion Indianapolis Colts WR Placed into Concussion protocol after vehicle accident Preseason Week 3 RTP Tuesday 9/1/2020
8/27/2020 Preseason Week 2 Philip Dorsett Foot Seattle Seahawks WR Chronic. Plantar fasciitis? Missed W1.
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 Joe Mixon Migraines Cincinnati Bengals RB Migraines New contract, migraines gone?
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 Kyle Jusczyk Hamstring San Francisco 49ers RB Strain, unknown severity, 'week to week'
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 A.J. Brown Undisclosed Tennessee Titans WR Played without concerned in W1.
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 Devin Asiasi Ankle injury New England Patriots TE Unknown severity, lots of potential, will monitor
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 J.J. Nelson Hamstring strain San Francisco 49ers WR Likely mild to moderate, out 2-4 weeks Less WRs, more pressure on Deebo
8/28/2020 Preseason Week 2 George Kittle Hamstring tightness San Francisco 49ers TE MRI confirmed no strain. Gradually push him harder. Returned to practice 9/2. No ADP change.
8/29/2020 Preseason Week 2 Trey Burton Calf strain Indianapolis Colts TE Placed on IR. Can return after Week 3. Helps Jack Doyle. Rivers loves TEs
8/29/2020 Preseason Week 2 Ronald Jones Foot injury Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB No details. Likely mild sprain. Back to practice 8/30 Looked good in W1.
8/29/2020 Preseason Week 2 Hunter Bryant Hamstring Detroit Lions TE Unknown seveirty, RTP 2-4 weeks.
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 Carson Wentz Soft-tissue injury' Philadelphia Eagles QB Vague lower extremity injury. Ok for week 1.
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 Cooper Kupp Ankle sprain, low Los Angeles Rams WR Mild low ankle sprain. Ok for week 1.
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 Jalen Reagor Shoulder Philadelphia Eagles WR Labrum tear. Should play with brace. Ineffective in W1, should get better each week.
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 John Ross Arm injury Cincinnati Bengals WR Wrist? Awaiting details
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 Justin Jackson Hamstring Los Angeles Chargers RB GTD for Week 1. High risk for reinjury. Opens door for rookie Kelly.
8/30/2020 Preseason Week 2 La'Mical Perine L Ankle New York Jets RB L ankle sprain, sounds like grade 1, RTP 1-2 weeks. Back-up to Bell & Gore
8/31/2020 Preseason Week 3 Stefon Diggs Back soreness Buffalo Bills WR Back soress, day-to-day
8/31/2020 Preseason Week 3 Zack Moss Neck Buffalo Bills RB Unknown details.
9/1/2020 Preseason Week 3 Chris Herndon Chest, Lungs New York Jets TE Chest injury, no structural, irritation, breathing difficulty
9/1/2020 Preseason Week 3 Alvin Kamara Back New Orleans Saints RB Had epidural injection in SI joint 8/27. Increased risk to reinjure during season
9/2/2020 Preseason Week 3 Ian Thomas Toe Carolina Panthers TE Suffered it 8/31, returning 'soon' per HC. Sounds mild. Cleared to play in Week 1.
9/3/2020 Preseason Week 3 Damien Harris Hand New England Patriots RB Had surgery on pinky. Placed on IR to return. Week 4 Activated 10/5/20.
9/3/2020 Preseason Week 3 Amari Cooper Hamstring Dallas Cowboys WR Practicing in full. Looked good in W1.
9/4/2020 Preseason Week 3 Ryquell Armstead COVID, Groin Jacksonville Jaguars RB Placed on IR. Can return after Week 3 Temporary IR Devine Ozigbo, CT & Robinson lead the backfield.
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Marcus Mariota Pectoral Injury Las Vegas Raiders QB Placed on IR, can return after Week 3. Temporary IR Nathan Peterman is Carr's backup.
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Golden Tate Hamstring New York Giants WR 50/50 for W2 Missed W1.
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Vyncint Smith Core Muscle New York Jets WR Placed on IR, can return after Week 3. Temporary IR Had sports hernia surgery mid-Aug, RTP 6-8 w.
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Travis Kelce Knee Kansas City Chiefs TE Limited on 9/7 with a knee injury. Hyperextended? Practiced in full 9/8. Likely not 100%, but good for W1
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Darrell Williams Hamstring Kansas City Chiefs RB Mild hamstring strain, likely to play in Week 1 Should play in Week 1
9/7/2020 Preseason Week 4 Brandin Cooks Quadriceps Houston Texans WR Reinjured in Week 1. 50/50 for W2. Won't be 100% for few weeks
9/8/2020 Preseason Week 4 DeVante Parker Hamstring, Left Miami Dolphins WR Reinjured in Week 1.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Mike Evans Hamstring Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Should be more effective in W2.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Devine Ozigbo Hamstring Jacksonville Jaguars RB Placed on IR, can return after Week 3. JAX RBs down to Robinson, CT & Dare Ogunobawale.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Mike Gesicki Glute Strain Miami Dolphins TE Limited 9/9. Will play in W1. Mild reinjury risk.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Preston Williams Knee Miami Dolphins WR Limited 9/9. Will play in W1. Likely post-ACL knee. Normal rehab post ACL. Limited concerns.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Danny Amendola Hamstring Detroit Lions WR Limited 9/9. Likely to play in W1.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Joe Flacco Neck New York Jets QB First practice post neck surgery. Strict backup.
9/9/2020 Preseason Week 4 Kenny Golladay Hamstring Detroit Lions WR 50/50 for W2, won't be 100% until W3-4. Missed W1.
9/10/2020 Preseason Week 4 Courtland Sutton Shoulder Denver Broncos WR Right AC sprain, sounds grade 1 vs. 2. RTP 1-3 weeks Missed W1.
9/10/2020 Preseason Week 4 Diontae Johnson Foot Pittsburgh Steelers WR Did decent in W1, should get better.
9/10/2020 Preseason Week 4 Duke Johnson Ankle Houston Texans RB Moderate ankle sprain, RTP 2-3 weeks, likely W3 Helps DJ
9/11/2020 Preseason Week 4 Julio Jones Hamstring Atlanta Falcons WR Hamstring still not 100%. Top-10 WR every week.
9/13/2020 Preseason Week 4 N'Keal Harry Shoulder New England Patriots WR Unknown injury, will play in W1
9/13/2020 Preseason Week 4 Gunner Olszewski Foot New England Patriots WR Unkown injury, fracture? Placed on IR. Out 3+ games.
9/10/2020 Week 1 Duke Johnson Ankle Houston Texans RB Moderate ankle sprain, RTP 2-3 weeks, likely W3 Helps DJ
9/14/2020 Week 1 Marlon Mack Ankle Indianapolis Colts RB Torn right Achilles tendon confirmed. Out for Season Season-ending surgery. Taylor RB1. Hines RB2.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Henry Ruggs Knee Las Vegas Raiders WR Tweaked knee. DNP Thursday. 50/50 W2?
9/14/2020 Week 1 David Njoku Knee Cleveland Browns TE Grade 1/2 MCL sprain knee, short-term IR. RTP W4-5. Temporary IR
9/14/2020 Week 1 Le'Veon Bell Hamstring New York Jets WR Sounds moderate. Unlikely in W2. Temporary IR Gore, J Adams.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Justin Jackson Quadriceps Los Angeles Chargers RB 50/50 chance he plays in W2. Opens door for rookie Kelley.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Blake Jarwin Knee Dallas Cowboys TE Torn ACL confirmed. Out for Season
9/14/2020 Week 1 Gerald Everett Back Los Angeles Rams TE Unknown details.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Michael Thomas High-Ankle Sprain New Orleans Saints WR Bad. Bad. Bad. Should shut it down 2-6 weeks. Trying to play through it, bad idea. FADE.
9/14/2020 Week 1 James Conner Ankle Pittsburgh Steelers RB Left ankle. Likely moderate sprain. High? Guy can't stay healthy. Go get Snell, McFarland.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Philip Lindsay Turf Toe Denver Broncos RB Mild on MRI. Unlikely for W2. RTP W3-4. More touches for M Gordon, R Freeman
9/14/2020 Week 1 George Kittle Knee San Francisco 49ers TE Hyperextended knee. Knee sprain. 50/50 for W2. Likely to play but won't be 100% until W4-5.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Brandin Cooks Quadriceps Houston Texans WR Reinjured in Week 1. 50/50 for W2. Won't be 100% for few weeks
9/14/2020 Week 1 DeVante Parker Hamstring Miami Dolphins WR Reinjured in Week 1. Unlikely to play in W2. Helps P Williams, Gesicki.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Cam Newton Hamstring New England Patriots WR Mild, left. Grabbed multiple times during game. Monitor closely.
9/14/2020 Week 1 Jarvis Landry Hip Cleveland Browns WR Not 100% yet after off-season hip surgery Will still play but playing through discomfort
9/14/2020 Week 1 Kahale Warring Unknown Houston Texans TE Placed on short-term IR. Temporary IR Akins is the TE to own in HOU.
9/15/2020 Week 1 John Brown Foot Buffalo Bills WR Missed practice 9/16.
9/15/2020 Week 1 Chris Godwin Concussion Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR In concussion protocol. 50/50 W2. Could miss several weeks (late-onset symptoms).
9/15/2020 Week 1 Jack Doyle Unknown Indianapolis Colts TE Missed practice 9/16.
9/15/2020 Week 1 Jamison Crowder Hamstring New York Jets WR Unlikely to play in W2
9/16/2020 Week 1 A.J. Brown Knee Tennessee Titans WR Bone bruise, unlikely to play/be effective in W2
9/17/2020 Week 1 Amari Cooper Ankle Dallas Cowboys WR Unknown injury, limited practice
9/17/2020 Week 1 Corey Davis Hamstring Tennessee Titans WR Limited practice Thursday. 50/50 in W2.
9/17/2020 Week 2 C.J. Uzomah Achilles Cincinnati Bengals TE Torn Achilles confirmed. Sample benefits. Out for Season
9/20/2020 Week 2 Parris Campbell Knee Indianapolis Colts WR Concern for MCL/meniscus tear, possible ACL
9/20/2020 Week 2 Cam Akers Ribs Los Angeles Rams RB Rib fracture/contusion. Expected to miss a few weeks. Ruled out rest of game
9/20/2020 Week 2 Saquon Barkley Knee New York Giants RB Very concerning for ACL tear. MRI pending.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Drew Lock Shoulder Denver Broncos QB Shoulder sprain of throwing shoulder, RTP 2-6 weeks Ruled out rest of game
9/20/2020 Week 2 Jerry Jeudy Ribs Denver Broncos WR Contusion. Painful. Returned to game.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Breshad Perriman Ankle New York Jets WR Unknown details/severity.
9/20/2020 Week 2 David Montgomery Neck Chicago Bears RB Neck sprain. Returned to game.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Sterling Shepard Toe New York Giants WR Unclear dx, couple be turf toe, but possible LisFranc.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Jimmy Garoppolo Ankle San Francisco 49ers QB High-ankle sprain. Likely out 2-4 weeks.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Raheem Mostert Knee San Francisco 49ers RB Likely MCL sprain, need MRI to confirm. RTP 2-4w.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Courtland Sutton Knee Denver Broncos WR Unknown details/severity. Still has shoulder injury.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Davante Adams Hamstring Green Bay Packers WR Depending on severity RTP 1-4w.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Christian McCaffrey Ankle Carolina Panthers RB Awaiting MRI. Video unclear. Possible high-ankle
9/20/2020 Week 2 Dawson Knox Concussion Buffalo Bills TE In concussion protocol. 50/50 W3.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Tyrod Taylor Ribs Los Angeles Chargers QB Went to hospital with 'breathing issues.' Exact injury?
9/20/2020 Week 2 Chris Hogan Ribs New York Jets WR No fracture. Likely to play in W3.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Malcolm Brown Finger Los Angeles Rams RB Fracture vs. dislocation. Surgery? Await details.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Darrell Williams Ankle Kansas City Chiefs RB Expect X-rays, MRI. Await details.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Will Fuller Hamstring Houston Texans WR Ran 63 routes, 0 targets, 1 rush. Severity? W3 in ?
9/20/2020 Week 2 Sammy Watkins Concussion Kansas City Chiefs WR Likely in concussion protocol, 50/50 W3.
9/20/2020 Week 2 Mike Boone Concussion Minnesota Vikings RB In concussion protocol. 50/50 W3.
9/20/2020 Week 2 D.J. Chark Chest Jacksonville Jaguars WR Chest/Back. OUT W3
9/20/2020 Week 2 Josh Jacobs Hip Las Vegas Raiders RB Hip flexor? Should play in W3 with it
9/23/2020 Week 2 Darren Waller Knee Las Vegas Raiders TE DNP Wed or Thursday. Needs LP Friday to play?
9/20/2020 Week 2 Zack Moss Toe Buffalo Bills RB OUT W3. Turf toe?
9/20/2020 Week 2 Steve Sims Jr. Toe Washington Redskins WR Unknown.
9/23/2020 Week 2 Christian Kirk Groin Arizona Cardinals WR Unlikely to play in W3
9/23/2020 Week 2 Cole Beasley Unknown Buffalo Bills WR Missed practice 9/23. Monitoring.
9/23/2020 Week 2 DeSean Jackson Unknown Philadelphia Eagles WR Missed practice 9/23. Monitoring.
9/23/2020 Week 2 Hunter Henry Ankle Los Angeles Chargers TE Missed practice 9/23. Monitoring.
9/23/2020 Week 2 Johnnu Smith Ankle Tennessee Titans TE Full practice 9/24. Good for W3.
9/23/2020 Week 2 Juju Smith-Schuster Knee Pittsburgh Steelers WR Limited in practice but should play in W3.
9/25/2020 Week 2 Justin Watson Shoulder Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Out W3. Monitor practice schedule. TB Bye Week = 13
9/25/2020 Week 2 Jalen Reagor Thumb Philadelphia Eagles WR Partially torn UCL, thumb. Surgery likely, 4-6w.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Diontae Johnson Concussion Pittsburgh Steelers WR In concussion protocol. 50/50 for W4
9/27/2020 Week 3 Russell Gage Concussion Atlanta Falcons WR In concussion protocol. 50/50 for W4
9/27/2020 Week 3 Tarik Cohen Torn ACL Chicago Bears RB Torn ACL confirmed. Season-ending. Out for Season
9/27/2020 Week 3 Dallas Goedert Foot/Ankle Philadelphia Eagles TE High-Ankle sprain. RTP 2-6 weeks.
9/27/2020 Week 3 DeSean Jackson Hamstring Philadelphia Eagles WR Severity?
9/27/2020 Week 3 Jerick McKinnon Rib San Francisco 49ers RB Painful, Serious? 50/50 W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Jordan Reed Knee San Francisco 49ers TE Knee sprain. RTP W8+. Temporary IR
9/27/2020 Week 3 Bryan Edwards Ankle Las Vegas Raiders WR Boot on foot. High-ankle?
9/27/2020 Week 3 Michael Pittman Calf Indianapolis Colts WR Compartment syndrome, surgery, out until W8.
9/15/2020 Week 3 John Brown Calf Buffalo Bills WR Suffered calf strain. Likely out 2-3 weeks. Still has foot injury.
8/23/2020 Week 3 Mike Williams Shoulder Los Angeles Chargers WR Reinjured in W3. Unlikely to play in W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Chris Carson Knee Seattle Seahawks RB L knee sprain, grade 1, 50/50 to play in W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Chris Godwin Hamstring Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Moderate MRI, RTP 2-4 weeks. W5-W7.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Jared Cook Groin New Orleans Saints TE Depending on severity 1-3 weeks.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Kareem Hunt Groin Cleveland Browns RB Monitor closely. If mild should play in W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Miles Sanders Glute Philadelphia Eagles RB Not overly concerning.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Nyheim Hines Shoulder Indianapolis Colts RB Limited practice 9/30. Unknown injury.
9/27/2020 Week 3 DeAndre Hopkins Ankle Arizona Cardinals WR DNP 9/30, 10/1, 10/2.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Leonard Fournette Ankle Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB OUT W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Terry McLaurin Thigh Washington Football Team WR Thigh contusion. Should play W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 John Hightower Ilness Philadelphia Eagles WR DNP 10/1. Ward only WR healthy.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Sony Michel Quad New England Patriots RB Eligible to return W8. Temporary IR
9/27/2020 Week 3 Odell Beckham Jr. Back Cleveland Browns WR Will play in W4.
9/27/2020 Week 3 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Calf Philadelphia Eagles WR DNP 10/1. Ward only WR healthy.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Calvin Ridley Ankle Atlanta Falcons WR Unknown severity. DNP 10/1.
9/27/2020 Week 3 Allen Lazard Core Muscle Green Bay Packers WR Sports Hernia. Unless minor, expect surgery
9/27/2020 Week 3 Scotty Miller Hip Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR 50/50 to play in W4.
10/1/20 Week 4 Noah Fant Ankle Denver Broncos TE Concern for fracture. Bad ankle sprain?
10/3/20 Week 4 Joe Mixon Chest Cincinnati Bengals RB Unknown injury, expected to play W4.
10/3/20 Week 4 Laviska Shenault Unknown Jacksonville Jaguars WR Sounds like he should play in W4.
10/11/20 Week 6 Baker Mayfield Rib/Shoulder Cleveland Browns QB Reinjured rib, didn't play well.
10/18/20 Week 6 Joe Mixon Foot Cincinnati Bengals RB Likely sprain. Exited, returned, fracture unlikely.
10/18/20 Week 6 Mark Ingram Ankle Baltimore Ravens RB Low vs. High ankle, left at halftime
10/18/20 Week 6 Miles Sanders Knee Philadelphia Eagles RB Out 1-2 weeks, likely mild MCL sprain
10/18/20 Week 6 Raheem Mostert Ankle San Francisco 49ers RB Injured ankle. Out 2nd half. High/low, fracture?
10/18/20 Week 6 Jeff Wilson Calf San Francisco 49ers RB Out W6. Late week injury.
10/15/20 Week 6 Adam Thielen Shoulder Minnesota Vikings WR Reinjury? Likely AC/shoulder sprain. Awaiting details.
10/15/20 Week 6 DeVante Parker Groin Miami Dolphins WR Have bye W7, may not miss any games
10/15/20 Week 6 Phillip Ervin Wrist Green Bay Packers WR Unknown details.
10/15/20 Week 6 Antonio Gandy-Golden Hamstring Washington Football Team WR Unlikely to play W7
10/18/20 Week 6 Zach Ertz Foot Philadelphia Eagles TE High-Ankle sprain, Out 3-4 weeks, W9-11.
10/15/20 Week 6 Johnnu Smith Ankle Tennessee Titans TE Mild, 50/50 W7
10/18/20 Week 6 Tyler Eifert Neck Jacksonville Jaguars TE Reinjured neck injury.