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NBA Injuries

Andre Iguodala (leg) ruled out for Game 7

Hale Thornhill-Wilson



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With all the injuries that have occurred in the entire playoffs so far, the absence of Andre Iguodala, for a game 7, may have more repercussions than any other injury. Iguodala injured his left leg in Game 3 when he collided with James Harden on a drive midway through the fourth quarter. It seems like James Harden can’t be stopped literally and metaphorically. This will go down as his Igoudala’s fourth straight missed game on Monday.

The Warriors swingman is one of the most productive, versatile role players in the league. In previous seasons when he was apart of the Sixers and Nuggets, Iguodala was able to accumulate awards such as first team all-rookie, first and second team defensive team, and finals MVP in 14-15’. His selflessness and team first mentally have allowed the stars to glue with role players.

Andre truly embodies the common saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.” What makes him extremely impactful is that his value can be invested in all aspects of basketball. Its not comparable to losing a top scorer who all they can do is score the basketball. At a long 6’6”, Iguodala can play point and get the Warriors in their sets, rebound, defend, communicate, and provide veteran leadership. Athletic, strong ball handlers like himself make defenses collapse on the ball, which in turn leaves Curry and Thompson with wide open threes. Iguoldala’s athleticism is a large reason why the Warriors can push the pace, attack, and do what they do best: shoot. Immediately, when Iguodala grabs the ball off the rim on a defensive rebound, the Warriors can transition quickly into attack mode. Everyone sprints and spreads out behind the three point line and then the open shooter is found.

To still give themselves a shot at pulling out game 7 in oracle, the Warriors must game plan on the fly. Offensively, the loss of igoudala will make the game less team orientated and a slower pace. Durant, Curry, and Thompson wont have the luxury of finding a desired spot on the court and have the ball delivered to them. Just by the pure numbers, everyone will have the ball in their hands more but especially curry. This means Curry will have to protect the rock and not tire out easily. Defensively, things will get very dicey. Iguodala matched up better than anyone did on James Harden. One thing the Rockets do very well is isolate James Harden on the weakest defender by pick n roll switching. Whenever Curry finds himself on Harden, it can be looked at an automatic score or a wide open shot for a shooter. The defensive side is where Iguodala will be missed most.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hale played basketball competitively at renowned Loyola High School- all four years. Currently, he's a senior at Duke University with aspirations of working in sports management or finance. Hale is a Philadelphia Eagles fan that also roots for the Los Angeles Lakers and Duke Blue Devils. In his free time, he enjoys golf, fishing, and mixing music.

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Damian Lillard suffers groin strain

Dr. Marco Lopez



NBA Injury Alert

Reports are stating that Damian Lillard suffered a groin strain Wednesday night vs the Grizzlies. He will not participate in the All Star game and maybe miss a couple games following the all stargame depending on the severity. We expect CJ McCollum to handle most of the scoring until Lillard gets back. In this article we will go over what exactly is a groin strain and the severity of it.

What is injured in a groin strain?

The groin muscles or the hip adductors are responsible for adducting/bringing the legs together. The groin muscles can be separated into two groups. The first group is the pectineus, adductor longus, and adductor brevis muscles which attach from the pelvis to the femur. The gracilis and adductor magnus attach from the pelvis to the knee. Any injury to these muscles are referred to as a groin strain.

How is it injured?

Groin Strain occur in sports that involve quick acceleration and sudden changes in direction as well as powerful overstretching of the leg and thigh in abduction and external rotation.

A groin strain is a stretching or tearing of the muscle group as a result of overloading the muscles beyond their normal range.

Am I at risk for injury?

Previous groin injury and adductor weakness have been linked to the incidence of adductor muscle strains. Core weakness or delayed onset of transverse abdominus recruitment increases risk of groin injury.

Are all groin sprains the same?

All groin injuries are different and are classified by their severity. They all either are defined as pain during palpation of the adductor tendons or the insertion on the pubic bone or groin pain during adduction against resistance

Grade 1: there is pain but minimal loss of strength and minimal restriction of motion

Grade 2: Tissue damage that compromises the strength of the muscle but not including complete loss of strength and function

Grade 3: Complete disruption of the muscle tendon unity including complete loss of function of the muscle.

How long am I out for?

1st degree: 2-4 weeks

2nd degree: 4-6 weeks

3rd degree: 6-10 weeks



Nicholas, Stephen and Tyler, Timothy. Adductor Muscle Strains in sport. 2002.

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