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Week 3 NFL FDx (Waiver) Wire



Photographer: Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

The FDx Wire is written in the tradition of a waiver-wire report, however, we have added our FDx Score to illustrate how our proprietary algorithms feel about the player.  Keep in mind, rookies will not have a score as they need at least three games played.  Visit The Fantasy Doctors Analytics HERE for our Top Week 3 Projections.


J.J. Nelson WR ARI   (66.36 FDx Score/8.15 Projected Points) 


18% ownership in ESPN leagues

47% Ownership in CBS leagues

Nelson came up huge against the Indianapolis secondary as he recorded five receptions for 120-yards, including a 45-yard touchdown. He is someone that ended last season on a high note as a rookie and has contributed for the last two games this season. Arians will always go deep, so his ceiling is always high. Grab him while you can, because any later and he will not be there.

Chris Carson RB SEA  


8% ownership in ESPN leagues

66% ownership in CBS leagues

Carson is going to gain a lot of traction over the next couple of weeks, so this may be your only chance. With Eddie Lacy basically done in Seattle already and C.J. Prosise a third down back, this leaves Thomas Rawls and Carson. Rawls is always banged up and never know when he will break out, so this leaves the rookie Carson. Last week he ran 20 times for 93-yards and caught one pass for another seven.

Chris Thompson RB WAS  (62.26 FDx Score/7.68 Projected Points)


68% ownership in ESPN leagues

44% ownership in CBS leagues

He is a PPR guy, so if you are in standard league, you can move on. However, he did score twice including a 61-yard burst. With Samaje Perine being a rookie and not performing well when Rob Kelley went down with an injury, Thompson could be used more as a bell cow back, but that will certainly be temperamental.

Samaje Perine RB WAS


2.1 percent ownership in ESPN leagues

49% ownership in CBS leagues

The rookie finally got his chance and was exceptionally bad. He was given 21 carries and could only turn out 67 yards. The reason I have him here is that he will be the bell cow, and all teams need someone to carry the rock 21 times a game. As Chris Thompson is a PPR guy, Perine is full on standard.

Chris Johnson RB ARI  (46.46 FDx Score/4.37 Projected Points)


2.4% ownership in ESPN leagues

20% ownership in CBS leagues

The speedster showed that the NFL is not done with him yet. The Cardinals resigned the veteran after David Johnson went down and he showed the most of it. Carrying the rock 11 times for 44-yards against the Colts. He should be the main ball carrier over Kerwynn Williams, and he still has life in his legs.

Kendall Wright WR CHI  (44.64 FDx Score/3.16 Projected Points)


7.6% ownership in ESPN leagues

50% ownership in CBS leagues

The Chicago Bears wide receivers have vanished due to injury. The only one left is Kendall Wright. Someone needs to catch balls in Chicago. It might as well be Wright, right? Last week he caught seven passes for 69-yards and should continue to get targets. A value in PPR leagues.

Jermaine Kearse WR NYJ (66.4 FDx Score/8.16 Projected Points) 


5.9% ownership in ESPN leagues

8% ownership in CBS leagues

Kearse is a lot like Kendall Wright, the only available receiver on the team. He caught four passes for 64-yards and two touchdowns. Expect the Jets to be behind in most of their games leaving Kearse to feast during garbage time.

D’Onta Foreman RB HOU  


4.9% ownership in ESPN leagues

29% ownership in CBS leagues

Lamar Miller is falling out of favor in Houston and as more weeks climb on, Foreman is getting more reps. Against the Bengals, he rushed 12 times for 40-yards and is going to go to be in a 60/40 time split with Miller and watch that increase as time moves forward and he continues to do well.

Jared Goff QB LAC  (41.88 FDx Score/12.08 Projected Points)


3.3% ownership in ESPN leagues

23% ownership in CBS Leagues

Jared Goff was exceptional against the Colts and even though he dropped down a bit last week he was still of value. Goff connected on 15 of 25 attempts for 224 yards with a touchdown and one pick. He makes a good streaming option as he showed against the Colts, so if you have the room he is a worthwhile grab.

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