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NFL Week 5 Start/Sits

Drew Lannin



Welcome to week 5 of the fantasy football season.  With 4 weeks gone, it seems as though we have more questions than we started the year with.  We’ll try to help make sense of some of these situations with some start and sit recommendations.  I’ll try to mostly go over players who aren’t completely obvious starts, so if you think a player like Zeke, CMC, Kamara, etc is missing, it should go without saying to start them.  Side note: Byes this week are the Lions and Dolphins.  I’m sorry to anyone who is missing their important Dolphins starters.  Hopefully you can get by without them.


Start of the Week:  Tom Brady vs Redskins:  Despite dealing with new faces on the offensive line and an ever changing receiving corps, Brady had scored at least 20 points in each of his first 3 games.  In his first real test of the year last week vs Buffalo, Brady had by far his worst game throwing for 150 yards, with 1 interception, and no touchdowns.  Luckily for Brady, he doesn’t have to play Buffalo in Buffalo every week and he has the perfect opportunity to bounce back against a Redskins team that ranks 31st in points allowed, while giving up 251.8 yards through the air.  


Jacoby Brissett at Chiefs: Guess who the only QB to throw multiple touchdowns through 4 weeks is.  After Luck shocked the football world with his sudden retirement, many wondered how Brisett would fare in his new role as a starting QB.  It turns out that so far, he’s doing just fine.  Brissett comes into this matchup as the #10 ranked QB in 4 pt per passing TD leagues.  The latest odds have this game at a huge 56.5 over/under with the Chiefs favored by 11.  This should mean plenty of opportunity for Brissett to put up points, while likely playing catchup to a team that allows an average of 19 points per game to QBs.  The health of T.Y. Hilton is a concern, but Brissett showed that he can still make it work without him, by posting his best game of the year thus far against the Raiders last week.    

Matt Ryan vs Texans:  While Matty Ice comes into this game as the #6 QB, it’s safe to say that anyone with him on their team hasn’t felt that way, especially while watching him play.  Most of Ryan’s production has come at the end of games, barely saving his week.  For our purposes, it doesn’t matter when points come, but we have to wonder how sustainable it is for him to do this.  Ryan’s biggest problem by far this year is turning the ball over with a 8:6 touchdown to interception rate and 1 lost fumble.  This is especially conerning, considering that Ryan is not only top 10 all-time as far as touchdown to interception rate, but he also only threw 7 interceptions all of last year.  Enter the Texans who are ranked 21st against the pass, giving up 259 yards per game to opposing QBs.  Look for Ryan to bounce back from his poor outing last week in what should be a high scoring game.

Kyler Murray vs Bengals:  It’s been a bit of a shaky start to the season for Kyler Murray.  Currently sitting at 62.7%, Murray will likely be among the league leaders in completion percentage by the end of the year.  As impressive as this sounds, it’s more a product of Kingsbury’s system that allows for easy passes out to the flat.  In fact, his average depth of target over the last two weeks is a measly 5 yards which ranks 31st both weeks. Murray came into the league as one of the best running quarterbacks out of college.  He unfortunately has yet to show much of this side of his game outside of week 3 where he had 69 yards on 8 attempts vs the Panthers.  The Bengals are terrible at pretty much everything, with their defense ranked 31st overall, giving up an average of 27.5 points per game.  This is as good an opportunity as any for Kyler to prove his worth.  


Daniel Jones vs Vikings:  Danny Dimes was has been the darling in many’s eyes starting with his performance in preseason.  While many wrote that off as meaningless as preseason often is, he followed it up by bringing the Giants back from 18 down for a win in his first career start.  As impressive as this was, especially against a much improved Bucs D, he fell back down to earth in what should have been a prime matchup vs the Redskins in week 4.  As fun as Jones has been to watch in his short career, his next two opponents are the Vikings and Patriots, who rank 9th and 2nd against the pass.  Better days are likely ahead for Jones, but for now he belongs on your bench.  

Jared Goff (At Seattle): It’s well known among fantasy players that Goff on the road is something to avoid whenever possible. His struggles on the road date back to last season, indicating this is more than just a fluke.  Goff’s weekly finishes in away games, starting with last Week 1: QB15, QB20, QB26, QB18, QB2, QB27, QB39, QB14, QB29.  As you can see, only one of these performances was worthy of a starting QB and it came vs the Saints in a shootout.  While Goff is coming off of a 517 yard, 2 TD performance, it may very well go down as the worst 500+ yard performance of all time.  It took Goff 68 attempts to reach that mark, which he followed up with 3 interceptions and a lost fumble.  Add onto this that the Rams Oline is ranked last right now by PFF and I’m staying away from Goff outside of 2QB and Superflex.


Andy Dalton vs Cardinals: I’m not sure what’s harder to believe.  That I’m recommending Andy Dalton or that I actually watched that entire debacle of a Monday night game between the Bengals and Steelers.  While it’s extremely hard to believe in a QB whose turnstyle offensive line allowed him to be sacked 8 times, the Cardinals are so bad on defense that Dalton has to be on the radar of anyone needing a streamer this week.  I would only start Dalton if you’re dealing with a QB injury such as Josh Allen or bye week problems from Matthew Stafford, but this is still as good of a matchup as Dalton will get, making him a risky start with high scoring potential.


Start of the Week: Marlon Mack vs Chiefs:  This is obviously highly contingent upon Mack’s health going into this game.  Early reports; however, indicate that Mack’s ankle injury wasn’t serious and he could have come back into the game if needed.  It remains to be seen how true this is, but pay attention to reports leading up to this game to get a better idea before starting.  Despite health concerns, Mack couldn’t ask for a better matchup as the Chiefs are the 31st ranked D against the run, giving up an average of 149.8 yards per game.  Jonathan Wilkins will become a must-start if Mack is unable to go, making him a wise waiver pickup if you have the space to stash him.  Nyheim Hines will likely be a viable flex play either way if you are desperate for someone to start, especially in deeper leagues as the Colts will likely play from behind at some point in this game.


LeSean Mccoy/D. Williams vs Colts:  “Which D. Williams?” you might ask.  To that I say, “is Damien healthy?” Has there ever been a more confusing pair of running back names?  Coming from the same game as the start of week, the Chiefs have shown that they can support two fantasy viable RBs, with McCoy and either Williams splitting snaps almost evenly.  This is another situation that depends on health.  McCoy has been getting around 50% of the touches regardless of who the other starter is.  What matters most,is the health of Damien Williams.  The Chiefs thus far, have shown that they prefer to have Damien and McCoy splitting carries, with Darrell just behind them.  If Damien is able to play, he should be a low-end RB2.  If Damien is unable to go for a third straight week, Darrell stays  a flex play, with McCoy being a solid RB2 regardless of the D.Williams he splits time with.

Austin Ekeler/Melvin Gordon vs Broncos: Another RB combination recommendation, I’m sensing a pattern.  The unfortunate reality for fantasy players is that more teams are going to use RBBC, making things that much harder for us.  The once vaunted Broncos D is in shambles, having lost multiple starters on defense to injury, the most recent being Bradley Chubb with a torn ACL.  The Broncos are currently ranked 30th against the run, giving up 149.2 yards per game.  This only figures to get worse with the loss of Chubb, making any RBs against them must-starts.  The question here isn’t one of injury, but one of playing time.  The Chargers activated Gordon last week, but didn’t need him, so he stayed on the sidelines for the entire game.  Gordon will play in this game, but reports are mixed as to whether he’ll be the number 1 or be limited.  As of right now, Gordon should be considered a high end RB2 and Ekeler a high end flex unless we are told definitively what the split will be.  As long as either one is getting double digit touches in this game, they should be plenty efficient.


49ers RBs vs Browns:  Speaking of RBBC, I’m not sure you can get a bigger committee than what we have going in San Francisco right now.  With Coleman out, the 49ers have been using a Cerberus-like, 3-headed monster at the RB position with Jeff Wilson Jr. as the goal line back and Matt Breida sharing time between the 20s with Raheem (Colonel) Mostert.  Interestingly, the 49ers RB conglomerate as a whole would be the number 1 fantasy scoring RB, if only it wasn’t split so many ways.  With reports of Coleman possibly coming back and the Browns giving up an average of 10 points to RBs over the last 3 weeks, most notably against the run heavy Ravens, it’s best to wait on playing 49ers RBs until we get more clarity on the playing situation, as well as a better matchup.  

Wayne Gallman vs Vikings:  Congrats to anyone who won the Wayne Gallman waiver lottery last week.  I saw many analysts mocking the amounts people paid for him, but for now, those who spent got what they paid for.  With 63 yards and 1 TD on the ground and 6 receptions for 55 yards and a touchdown receiving, Gallman was everything we could have hoped for and more.  Unfortunately, he can’t play the Redskins every week.  Gallman gets an awful matchup vs the Vikings who are 9th vs the run and likely pissed off after an embarrassing loss to their division rival Bears.    


David Montgomery vs Raiders (In London): The first recommendation on the bolder side, due to his less than stellar beginning to the season is Montgomery vs the Raiders.  While Montgomery has yet to get going or even remotely live up to his ADP, what he does have going for him is an increase in snap % each week.  Through 4 weeks, his snap % has been: 38%, 45%, 65%, 69%.  The big problem is that the production isn’t there yet and the Bears offense seems to lack any kind of direction thus far.  Montgomery should be able to inevitably start racking up yards and touchdowns at some point if these snap percentages continue.


Start of the Week: DeAndre Hopkins vs Falcons:  Normally, I wouldn’t be recommending players like Hopkins who should be obvious enough starts that I shouldn’t have to tell you to start them.  The problem though, is after exploding for 111 yards and two touchdowns in week 1, Hopkins slowed down immensely, failing to even get close to 100 yards or in the endzone over the past 3 weeks.    This is not at all what we expected from the preseason consensus #1 overall WR, which has left Hopkins owners such as myself feeling dismayed.  To add salt to the wound, he even threw an interception in Week 4 with his best 2019 Matt Ryan impression.  Don’t panic just yet though.  His down weeks have come at a time when he’s gone up against great CBs and a Panthers D that we now realize was very underrated coming into the season.  There’s nothing like the Atlanta D to make things better again for Hopkins.  In Week 4, the Falcons allowed the anemic Titans offense to gain 206 total yards receiving, mostly split amongst previously invisible A.J. Brown and the much maligned Corey Davis.  If that duo can put up that kind of performance against the Falcons, just imagine what Hopkins can do.


Julian Edelman vs Redskins:  Week 4 was a bad time for the Patriots offense as a whole and thus a good time for the rest of the world.  Edelman is coming into week 5 as only WR #34 in PPR and #38 in standard.  These numbers aren’t too surprising, even with the Patriots success and extremely soft schedule, because they haven’t been behind at any point this season and more importantly from a fantasy perspective, Edelman doesn’t score touchdowns often.  What he does do though, is get targets and catches at a high rate.  Edelman has been targeted 11, 4, 10, and 7 times so far this year.  He came into last week with a chest injury, which combined with a tough Bills D in Buffalo, made for a hard outing.  Look for him to bounce back easily against a Redskins defense giving out points to every position.

Larry Fitzgerald vs Bengals:  If you made it through the entire monday night game, first of all, congratulations.  Secondly, you’ve seen first hand why playing anyone against the Bengals is a good idea.  Despite the Dolphins’ best efforts, teams like the Bengals are giving them a run for their money at the first overall pick in the draft next year.  The Bengals are giving up an average of 19 points to opposing wide receivers, which along with an injury to Christian Kirk, makes Fitz a prime target to start in week 5.  


Robert Woods at Seahawks:  Welcome to the show Mr. Woods!  After a quiet week 2 and 3, Woods came back into the fold with 164 yards off of 13 catches in Week 4.  It was nice to see Woods be more involved much like he was last year.  The problem though, is this came in a game where Goff threw the ball 68 times.  This obviously won’t happen every week, which leaves much less opportunity for Woods to produce, especially if Goff keeps looking Kupp’s way more than anyone else.  With Goff’s struggles on the road and the short week heading into a Thursday night game, it’s best to look elsewhere.

D.J. Moore vs Jacksonville:  D.J. Moore hasn’t quite lived up to the preseason hype this year, although it isn’t entirely his fault.  With Cam playing hurt and now a backup QB starting, Moore hasn’t had the best opportunity to produce this season.  To make matters worse, Moore has seen his targets disappear from 10 and 14 with Newton under center, to 2 and 5 with Allen starting.  The one positive going for Moore is that without Jalen Ramsey, the Jaguars have given up more production at the receiver position than usual.  Until he sees more targets though, he can’t be trusted as a starter.


DeMarcus Robinson vs Colts:  Anyone who is a part of the explosive Chiefs offense can be considered in fantasy lineups, so it should come as no surprise to see a Chiefs receiver in the sleeper section.  The reason Robinson wasn’t listed as an obvious started is that outside of his 35.20 point eruption vs the Raiders, he’s had relatively quiet weeks of 1, 13.3, and 7.5 points.  The encouraging part is he’s averaging 5 targets a week, having been targeted a team-high 9 times in week 4.  Any target is incredibly valuable when it comes from the Chiefs offense, especially in what will be a high scoring game, featuring two bad defenses.  Robinson should be considered a WR2 with WR1 upside if things can go his way in week 4.



Tyler Eifert vs Cardinals:  Much like how 2019 is the year of start everyone vs the Dolphins, another rule to abide by is start any tight end against the Cardinals.  Here are tight end stats vs the Cardinals so far: T.J. Hockenson: 6/131/1, Mark Andrews: 8/112/1 , Greg Olsen: 6/72/2, Will Dissly: 7/57/1.  As you can see, words cannot describe just how awful the Cardinals are against tight ends.  This along with Eifert’s 15.7% target share, along with A.J. Green and John Ross injuries, make Eifert this week’s chosen one amongst the wasteland that is the tight end position  


Delanie Walker vs Bills: While Delanie has had an incredible start to the 2019 season as Mariota’s favorite target, there’s plenty of problems with his matchup this week.  First, this should be one of the lowest scoring games of the week by far.  The latest over/under is a miniscule 37.5 points.  The Bills D is much more vulnerable on the ground than through the air, which just so happens to play right into the Titan’s strength on offense.  On top of that, the Bills D are only allowing an average of 2 points per game to fantasy tight ends.  The argument can be made that this is only because they’ve faced one good tight end week 2 in Engram.  Until proven otherwise, I would sit any tight end vs the Bills.



Joey Slye vs Jaguars:  Through 4 weeks, as expected, the number 1 kicker in fantasy is *checks notes* Joey Slye.  Wait a minute, that’s not Butker or Zuerlein.  In a surprise to many and probably another reason many leagues are doing away with the kicker position, Joey Slye is your guy at the number one position at kicker.  If you’re unfortunate enough to still have kickers in your league, which I do as well in a few, make sure to pick up Slye if he’s still available.  He’s now 19 of 20 on FGs for the year, including 4 from 50+ yards.  What more can you ask for in a kicker?


Stephen Gostkowski vs Redskins: This one will come as a surprise to those who haven’t paid much attention to the kicker position.  Going into the season, Gostkowski seemed like a lock to be a top kicker, playing for a high-powered offense and having been reliable in the past.  In reality, Gostkowski is ranked as only the #12 kicker on the year and is struggling mightily.  He has already missed 4 extra points this season, including 1 in week 4 that could have cost the Patriots the game if the Bills offense wasn’t awful.  He has also missed 1 FG on the year.  With Gostkowski struggling and much better options likely available, Gostkowski should be dropped to your waivers, much like he will be in real life if he doesn’t improve.



Eagles vs Jets

Titans vs Bills

Bills vs Titans

Panthers vs Jaguars


Rams vs Seahawks

Baltimore vs Steelers

Packers vs Cowboys

Drew Lannin is a nutritionist with a Bachelor's in Dietetics from Lincoln, Nebraska. He grew up watching Nebraska football and the Chiefs. He is currently finishing pre-reqs for a Masters in Genetic Counseling. He first started playing fantasy football after recommending Randy Moss to his dad during his rookie year. This lead to him being added as the co-commissioner to his dad's league, which started in 1984. He has been an avid fantasy player ever since, consuming as much data and articles as possible.


Waiver Wire: NFL Week 12




Fantasy football teams are starting to take shape. Hitting the waiver wire is a critical task in filling the holes or adding significant depth, especially as we enter bye-weeks and an increasing list of injuries. My goal is to find you the best player available for the lowest owned percentage. Therefore, you will see some of the more prominent names under others to consider.


Tua Tagovailoa-MIA (ESPN-36.8%) (Yahoo-45%)

We are looking at streaming options for quarterbacks at this point in the season, so ignore Tagovailoa being benched. This week he has the New York Jets, and high school athletes could perform well against this defense. Tagovailoa hasn’t had the most impressive start. It isn’t easy when comparing him to rookies Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert as they have been top-notch. However, Tagovailoa has thrown six touchdowns and zero interceptions since taking over the starting role.

Others to Consider: Taysom Hill (NO), Jameis Winston (NO), Alex Smith (WAS), Derek Carr (LAS), Baker Mayfield(CLE).


Running Backs:

Salvon Ahmed-MIA  (ESPN-42.0%) (Yahoo-45%)

Myles Gaskin isn’t too far off from returning. However, Ahmed was still reliable on Sunday with his 12 carries for 43-yards while adding five receptions against a quality defense in the Denver Broncos. He is an athlete that has a strong floor due to his catching ability and makes an excellent flex option in all leagues.

Gus Edwards-BAL (ESPN-7.3%) (Yahoo-45%)

Both JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram tested positive for Covid-19 and will be out against the Steelers this Thursday. Looks for Edwards to lead the team in carries and be an active participant in the passing game. Justice Hill will have a share, but not enough to keep the volume away from Edwards. Grab him in all leagues.

James White-NE (ESPN-36.8%) (Yahoo-45%)

White caught six passes for 64 yards and added 19 yards on the ground, making him an RB15 in PPR leagues. White is only valuable in those formats, but he hasn’t been as consistent as he was in the last few seasons. With Rex Burkhead being injured, the volume should open up for him as the Patriots passing down back. New England will play the Cardinals, Chargers, and Rams next.

Others to Consider: Justice Hill (BAL), Frank Gore (NYJ), Benny Snell (PIT), Samaje Perine (CIN), JK Dobbins (BAL), Carlos Hyde (SEA). Wayne Gallman (NYG).

Wide Receivers:

Michael Pittman-IND (ESPN-24.4%) (Yahoo-45%)

Since coming off his injury, Pittman is getting more attention each week. In Week 9, he saw seven targets, which resulted in a 4-56 stat line. In Week 10, he also added seven receptions for 101 yards. On Sunday against the Packers, Pittman caught three balls for 66 yards and scored a touchdown. Now, he will face soft defenses in Houston (twice), Las Vegas, and Tennessee.

Tim Patrick-Den (ESPN-14.0%) (Yahoo-45%)

Patrick continues to be useful as the downfield threat for Drew Lock. Patrick caught five of his eight targets for 119 yards against the Dolphins. The biggest play came when he caught a 61-yard pass at the end of the game. He has surpassed 100-yards three times this season and continues to be involved in the offense. The Broncos will face the Saints next week.

Nelson Agholor-LAS (ESPN-24.4%) (Yahoo-45%)

Agholor had a big game against the Chiefs. He caught six of nine targets for 88-yards and a touchdown. This was a nice bounce-back week as he only brought in one ball against Denver in Week 10. Agholor led the team in targets and has more snaps than any receiver on the team this season. He hasn’t been the most consistent but has six touchdowns to go along with 24 receptions and 443 yards this year. The Raiders face Atlanta next week.

Others to Consider: Cole Beasley (BUF), Allen Lazard (GB), Damiere Byrd (NE), Willie Snead (NO), Curtis Samuel(CAR), Sterling Shepard (NYG).

Tight Ends:

Jordan Reed-SF (ESPN-24.4%) (Yahoo-45%)

The 49ers were off last week, but Reed caught five of his six targets for 62 yards against the Saints in Week 10 and the top target for Nick Mullens. George Kittle may be out for the rest of the season, and San Francisco enjoys throwing to their tight end. Upcoming for Reed and the 49ers are Rams, Bills, and Washington.

Others to Consider: Logan Thomas (WAS), Jordan Aikens(HOU), Dalton Schultz (DAL).


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Waiver Wire: NFL Week 11




Fantasy football teams are starting to take shape. Hitting the waiver wire is a critical task in filling the holes or adding significant depth, especially as we enter bye-weeks and an increasing list of injuries. My goal is to find you the best player available for the lowest owned percentage. Therefore, you will see some of the more prominent names under others to consider.


Tua TagovailoaMIA (ESPN-32.6%) (Yahoo-45%)

Three games in, and Tagovailoa is performing well. He has five touchdown passes and zero interceptions. Tagovailoa has not thrown for over 300-yards and hasn’t done much with his legs (34 yards), as many had suspected. He is developing but not as quickly as Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow. With that said, he makes a reliable streaming option each week. He has Broncos, Jets, Bengals on deck.

Others to Consider: Alex Smith (WAS), Jameis Winston (NO), Daniel Jones (NYG), Derek Carr (OAK).

Running Backs:

Nyheim Hines-IND (ESPN-41.8%) (Yahoo-41%)

Hines looked spectacular against Tennessee and better all-around than rookie Jonathan Taylor. Hines has shown to be more explosive and can add to the passing game much more than Taylor. In fact, Hines leads the entire team in receptions and touchdowns through the air. He also has gotten red zone looks. The down arrow is on Taylor while the up arrow belongs to Hines. Next up, Packers, Titans, Texans.

Salvon Ahmed-MIA (ESPN-0.4%) (Yahoo-7%)

The Dolphins can’t seem to land on a running back. Jordan Howard was the starter to enter the season, but he was recently released. Then Myles Gaskin was successful but got hurt. Matt Breida has been there, but he isn’t much more than a passing-down back and scenario situation runner, and he is also could be out next week. Ahmed rushed for 85-yards on 21 carries and hit pay dirt. Not too shabby for someone who has spent their rookie season on two different teams and the practice squad. He has Broncos, Jets, Bengals on deck.

Devontae Booker-LAS (ESPN-1.4%) (Yahoo-3%)

Booker took apart the Broncos on Sunday as he rushed for 81-yards and two touchdowns while Jacobs chipped in for his 112 and two scores. Booker’s touchdowns came late in the game, but he has been impressive over the last few weeks. In Week 5, he put up 62 yards, then rushed for 68-yards and a score in Week 9. Jacobs is still the “man,” but Booker makes a case to be a top tier hand-cuff. Next up, the Raiders face the Chiefs, Falcons, and Jets.

Others to Consider: Kalen Ballage (LAC), Wayne Gallman(NYG), Damien Harris (NE).

Wide Receivers:

Jakobi Meyers-NE (ESPN-22.3%) (Yahoo-48%)

Meyers has been the receiver that N’Keal Harry has not. On Sunday, Meyers threw a touchdown pass to Rex Burkhead and went strong for the last three contests. He put up five receptions for 59 yards in horrid weather and seems to be the go-to receiver for Cam Newton. Julian Edelman will return shortly, but he looks like he needs to retire. Meyers should be added in all leagues. The Patriots have Texans, Cardinals, and Chargers next up.

Keelan Cole-JAC (ESPN-13.8%) (Yahoo-23%)

A typical boom or bust candidate, Cole caught a touchdown and was second in targets behind Chris Conley against the Packers on Sunday. Before that, he combined for 18 yards in two games. However, three weeks ago, against the Lions, Cole went HAM and caught six balls for 143 yards. He isn’t a superstar but should get a continuous volume of targets as the Jaguars are always behind in games.

Cole Beasley-BUF (ESPN-46.7%) (Yahoo-50%)

Beasley makes the list of those that should not be on this list. Beasley has been solid all-season for the Bills outside of Josh Allen’s down games. On Sunday, he caught 11 of 13 targets for 109 yards and a touchdown against the Cardinals. It’s shocking to see him available in 50% of leagues and is a must-own in PPR. The Bills face the Chargers, 49ers, Steelers next.

Others to Consider: Jalen Reagor (PHI), Allen Lazard (GB), Josh Reynolds (LAR), Michael Pittman (IND), Marquez Valdes-Scantling (GB), Breshad Perriman (NYJ), Michael Gallup (DAL), Jakeem Grant (MIA), Cam Sims (WAS).

Tight Ends:

Logan Thomas-WAS (ESPN-19.6%) (Yahoo-35%)

Outside of Travis Kelce, the tight end position has been a mess for fantasy owners. The only other player that could be trusted is George Kittle, but he can’t seem to stay healthy. Also interesting is someone like Thomas is still highly available. Maybe, it’s because he plays for the WFT (WTF). Thomas now has double-digit scoring in five games with four receptions.

Others to Consider: Tyler Higbee (LAR), Jordan Reed (SF), Trey Burton (IND), Jordan Akins (HOU), Adam Trautman(NO).



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Waiver Wire: NFL Week 10




Fantasy football teams are starting to take shape. Hitting the waiver wire is a critical task in filling the holes or adding significant depth, especially as we enter bye-weeks and an increasing list of injuries. My goal is to find you the best player available for the lowest owned percentage. Therefore, you will see some of the more prominent names under others to consider.


Teddy Bridgewater-CAR (ESPN-29.1%) (Yahoo-41%)

Christian McCaffrey returned, and Bridgewater benefitted from McCaffrey’s excellence at running back. McCaffrey caught 10 of his passes for 82 yards and a touchdown, while Bridgewater threw for over 300-yards and two scores. Bridgewater even added another touchdown with his legs. He has a brutal matchup against Tampa Bay next week but then gets the Lions and Vikings in back-to-back matchups. Also, monitor McCaffrey’s health status. He left with a shoulder injury.

Tua TagovailoaMIA (ESPN-20.1%) (Yahoo-24%)

This could go down as one of the most extraordinary draft classes for quarterbacks in NFL history. It appears it will rival the 2004, 1983, and 1961 groups. Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are already performing at high levels. Tagovailoa struggled in his first debut against the Los Angeles Rams but turned things around in the Arizona desert. “Tua” threw for 248 yards and two touchdowns while picking up an additional 35 yards on the ground. His running ability gives him a concretefloor for fantasy owners. He has the Chargers, Broncos, Jets on the schedule.

Others to Consider: Derek Carr (LAS), Drew Lock (DEN), Alex Smith (WAS), Garrett Gilbert (DAL).

Running Backs:

Wayne Gallman-NYG (ESPN-18.9%) (Yahoo-25%)

The Giants are still using the RBBC, but Gallman is the best option when Devonta Freeman is out. In back-to-back weeks Gallman has scored touchdowns, carried the rock 14 times 68 yards, and caught a pass. Alfred Morris was second in carries with nine and 67 yards; remember him? Gallman isn’t a bell-cow back, and the Giants don’t plan to use him as one. However, he makes an intriguing add as he can be a reliable flex option for all formats. Gallman has Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Seattle next up.

Kalen Ballage-LAC (ESPN-0.1%) (Yahoo-1%)

Justin Jackson went down in pre-game warmups, and the Chargers turned their backfield over to Ballage and teammate Joshua Kelley. However, it was Ballage that was the workhorse in the backfield. He rushed for 69 yards and a touchdown and was targeted three times. Ballage was drafted in 2018 and is now on his third team. He was recently waived by the Dolphins and Jets in 2020. He now has Dolphins, Jets, and Bills next.

Duke Johnson-HOU (ESPN-16.5%) (Yahoo-16%)

David Johnson left the game with a concussion, and Duke Johnson was the bell-cow and received 20 touches on the day. The Texans don’t have much at running back, and Duke Johnson would continue the dominance of snaps if David Johnson remains out. Duke Johnson is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and can be electrifying. He should be an automatic add in all leagues. Johnson has Cleveland, New England, and Detroit up next.

Jordan Wilkins-IND (ESPN-7.0%) (Yahoo-25%)

Jonathan Taylor was benched after his first-half fumble and received just one carry afterward. Wilkins got most of the carries with 11 going for 39 yards against a tough Ravens defense. It is difficult to gauge what the Colts are doing with their running backs. Taylor got the majority of the action and scored a touchdown before coughing up the ball. Wilkins began eating into Taylor’s workload last week. They didn’t have any qualms going to him right away after Taylor’s turnover. The Colts won’t turn their backs on the rookie, but Wilkins makes a reliable flex option in favorable matchups. Wilkins has Tennesse, Green Bay, and home against Tennessee in the next three weeks.

Others to Consider: JD McKissic (WAS), Cordarrelle Patterson (CHI), Gus Edwards (BAL), Tevin Coleman (SF), Matt Breida (MIA), D’Onta Foreman (TEN), Boston Scott(PHI), La’Mical Perine (NYJ), Cam Akers (LAR).

Wide Receivers:

Curtis Samuel-CAR (ESPN-42.4%) (Yahoo-30%)

The Panthers are opening up their playbook for Samuel. He has seen his fantasy points go up each week from 7.8, 11.4, 17.3, 21.4, to 26.8 against the Kansas City Chiefs in his last five games. Samuel has scored over the previous three games and four touchdowns overall. His 20 targets over the last three contests are second on the team behind Robby Anderson (29) and above DJ Moore (14). At this point, he is still a flex option, but that role is growing. Samuel has Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota next.

Allen Lazard-GB (ESPN-30.6%) (Yahoo-38%)

Lazard may still be on the waiver wire, and this week may be the last chance to grab him as he returns in full-form after missing the previous six weeks. He is a must-add and faces Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Chicago next.

Danny Amendola-DET (ESPN-7.2%) (Yahoo-2%)

Amendola came up huge with seven receptions on ten targets for 77 yards for his highest output since Week 1 when he put up 81 yards on the Bears. Although he didn’t score against Minnesota, Chase Daniel continued to look his direction when Matthew Stafford left with a concussion. The Redskins, Panthers, Texans are up next.

Tim Patrick-DEN (ESPN-14.6%) (Yahoo-21%)

The Broncos offense is one of the worst in the league. Still, Patrick can be a healthy streaming flex option when given the opportunity. Against the Falcons, he caught four balls for 29 yards and a touchdown. Patrick also has an excellent aDoT of 16. Next up, Denver takes on Las Vegas, Miami, and New Orleans.

Others to Consider: Jalen Reagor (PHI), Richie James (SF), Darnell Mooney (CHI), Michael Pittman (IND), Alshon Jeffery (PHI), Randall Cobb (HOU), Mack Hollins (MIA), Olamide Zaccheaus (ATL).

Tight Ends:

Irv Smith Jr-MIN (ESPN-3.8%) (Yahoo-7%)

The role is growing for Smith, who is in his second season. He stole touchdown receptions from Adam Theilen and Justin Jefferson on Sunday for his first scores on the season. Smith has stolen the red zone opportunities from Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings don’t pass enough to keep two wide receivers happy every week, so Smith won’t be a high volume play. He can be useful against the Bears next week, who are 24th worst in fantasy points allowed to tight ends. Minnesota also has the Cowboys and Panthers in the coming weeks.

Others to Consider: Dalton Schultz (DAL), Jacob Hollister(SEA), Jordan Reed (SF), Ross Dwelley (SF), Logan Thomas(WAS), Trey Burton (IND), Jordan Akins (HOU).

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